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Program Overview

  • Attending a 12 step meeting (AA/NA) daily with another housemate and turn in weekly meeting sheet​

  • Obtaining a 12 step sponsor within the first 14 days of residency

  • Acquiring a daily activity, such as work, school or volunteer (minimum 20 hours per week) within the first 14 days of residency

  • Attending the mandatory weekly house meeting

  • Abiding by a 10 PM curfew nightly, for a minimum of the first 30 days

  • Passing a urinalysis drug test and breathalyzer test upon admission and random testings throughout residency

  • Completing daily chore in the home and keeping personal areas clean at all times

  • Checking in with the resident house manager daily with a schedule

  • Staying up to date with financial program fees

  • Being respectful to housemates and staff at all times

  • No romantic relationships among housemates or staff

  • Abstinence from mind altering substances, such as alcohol, OTC medications, controlled, and narcotic substances, dust canisters, kava, kratom, other synthetic drugs, etc.

  • RA has a zero tolerance policy and residents will be discharged from the program and property immediately in the event of a relapse.

  • If attending an outpatient program, it will count towards the daily activity for set dates



                                                                  For more information, please see Complete Program Policies

Or download our brochure here

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