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Recovery Coaching

One-on-one additional customized service for individuals who may need a higher level of care in their recovery and life skills. Recommended for those that have previously struggled with independent living.

● Recovery coaching is provided by a state certified Recovery Coach

● Recovery coaching is not a clinical treatment, or therapy, they do not diagnose and is not a sponsor. They provide informational and emotional support in accomplishing tasks.

● This program focuses on the individual’s need in their life skills that is cohesive to their recovery program within our residences and recovery oriented.

● A recovery coach will meet with the individual at least once to twice a week to focus on completing necessary tasks to attain their goals, such as job searching, insurance applications, license registration,resume building and connecting them to resources needed for daily life that individuals may struggle with.

● Individuals will still be required to abide by all the Program Policies of RA


*Recovery Coaching Cost $400 per month

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